5 Ways To Make Profit And Succeed With PPC Publishing

PPC PublishingMoney making from online sources has emerged as the major form of gaining financial independence in the modern world. While there are several methods to earn money online, the bloggers and website owners mainly assort to Pay-Per-Click-PPC Publishing program to accomplish the purpose. The economy is growing with great pace and so is the number of businesses emerging online for promoting their brands through affordable sponsored advertising on important platforms such as Google Adsense, Media.Net, Infolinks and much more. Everyday thousands of enthusiastic bloggers set out to establish their blogs with moneymaking goals. Unfortunately, only a few of them end up as winners. Here is an analysis of facts that plays the deciding factor in your success in PPC programs.

How The PPC Publishing System Works?

Before setting out to explore the fast PPC publishing success and revenue generation, it is essential to consider the understanding of the program. The PPC program is based on the joint initiative from three major participants- the advertiser looking forward to sell products online, the PPC publisher network and the blogger or website owner urging to make money from the site. The sponsored link on the blog or website is used to direct traffic to the seller’s site maintaining an analytics system to track the source of traffic and pays the site owner a percentage as commission for every single click.

Strategies To Earn Higher Income With PPC Publishing Program

1. Join The PPC Ad Networks

The first and foremost platform to approach for money making through PPC is the online Ad Networks. These networks are run by search engines having a large number of sites indexed with them. If your website is indexed with the source and has acquired higher ranking, the greater are the chances of winning the opportunity to join the program. Google Adsense is one of the best PPC publishing networks, offering high-end income opportunities to millions of bloggers from across the globe. The competition is very high among the blog and website owners for this network since Google offers the highest cost-per-click (CPC) rates. The minimum payout at Google Adsense is $100. Some other programs that are relatively easier to follow include Media.Net, InfoLinks, Clicksor Ads, Kontera Ads and others. The terms and conditions largely differ in case of each of the programs so it is essential to conduct some initial research.

2. Search For The Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Affiliate marketing is specially designed for part time bloggers and people with little time to leverage on the blog. It has emerged as the most convenient and lucrative PPC publishing method that helps to earn great revenues from a blog. Many SMEs and SMBs opt for affiliate marketing to promote their products and services through affiliate partnerships. Major eCommerce giants like eBay, Clickbanks, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction and others offer affiliate programs for millions of products on their site. The major advantage on these channels is that the bloggers can choose the products, they think they can promote at their best.

3. Conduct Search Engine Optimization For Your Website/Blog

Qualifying for the PPC programs from major sources is not very easy considering the competition among the quality blogs and websites. It is therefore very essential to adopt search engine optimization (SEO) program to retain the position on the first page of search engine results. The bloggers need to index their websites on all major search engines including Google, Opera, Safari, Bing, Yahoo and others. The high traffic websites can conveniently win the chance to qualify for PPC publishing programs, even find sponsors and affiliate marketers.

4. Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing is the most advanced strategy employed by the successful bloggers to success in the blog monetization goals. Create impressive profiles across all social media channels including Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and much more. These websites have higher traffic concentration and active users looking for information on important stuff. Keep updating status on your accounts and provide the links to the PPC publishing articles on your website to continue driving audiences to your website. Managing multiple social media profiles can be challenging so it is worthy using a social media management system to regulate the operations. Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Crowdbooster and SocialOomph are very reliable platforms to control these tasks.

The video sharing websites are important social media channels with high traffic presence in modern times. Youtube, Metcafe, Vimeo and others are very popular nowadays. The modern audiences are largely inclined to text contents with audiovisual elements in them offering a better understanding on the written contents. Keep some videos and images on your website and do share them across these websites to pull traffic.

5. Content Marketing

Even if your website has acquired high traffic employing the online marketing efforts, it is very important to retain the higher rankings on the initial pages of the search engine result pages (SERPs). As the owner of the blog or website, you need to focus on content marketing initiatives. Post contents on the blog or website that the visitors may find useful and keep visiting often. The contents can be in the form of product descriptions, product reviews, promotional contents and much more. When the audiences enter their search terms on their browsers, the web crawlers rank the sites with relevant sites with quality informative contents at a higher rank. Hence, it is essential to keep posting contents over and again with SEO implementation.


Owning a blog or website is not sufficient for qualifying the PPC programs offered by the major PPC Publishing based networks. The first factor of consideration about the website or blog is the decent web analytics report that these networks extend importance. Your blog should have enough targeted traffic presence to benefit the advertisers to gain some sales from your website. The content marketing empowered online marketing plays an eminent role in gaining higher SERP ranking. The ultimate goal of the bloggers and website owners is to generate high-end targeted traffic to their website.